Board of Directors

Niv Ad, MD

2022-2023 Chairman

Glenn Whitman, MD

Quality Committee Chair

Thomas Matthew, MD

2021 Chairman

Suburban Hospital [...]

Rawn Salenger, MD

2019 Chairman

Rawn Salenger, MD, is a faculty member at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and a cardiac surgeon in the Division of Cardiac Surgery at th [...]

Brian Bethea, MD

Jamie Brown, MD

Peter Cho, MD

Murtaza Dawood, MD

Mark Nelson, MD

Brad Taylor, MD

Dr. Taylor serves as the Director of Coronary Revascularization at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Here, he performs robotic assisted coron [...]

James Todd III, MD

Terri Haber, MPH

Executive Director, MCSQI

Clifford Fonner

Director of Analytics

Diane Alejo


Eileen FleckMaryland Health Care Commission